what's your email and phone number?

Our email is japaneiros@mac.com and our telephone number is 281-242-1121

Our Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/japaneiros/ and this is our Facebook page

what kind of food do you serve?

Some people call us a Fusion Restaurant.  We serve nourishing, made from the healthiest and freshest ingredients Sushi and a few select Latin American inspired dishes.  Sometimes we combine those two influences and delicious things come out.

do you serve vegetarian or vegan food?

We do have a great variety of vegetarian and vegan options in our menu.  We also love to work with you on the spot, creating a dish that satisfies your eating style or allergies.  You pay our bills, we want to make you happy, so we will cook for you!

do you have gluten free options?

We have a TON of GF options!

what about your bar?

Our bar is one of our best features.  We offer amazing original cocktails and well executed classics along with a great selection of Sake.

do you take reservations?

We don't take reservations, however, we will work with you because our whole reason for being is to serve you, so we'll do our best to accommodate every guest every time.

what about large groups?

We can accomodate 12 to 16  guests...maybe more if we squeeze you a little.

do you have any more locations?  are you a franchise?

No.  Japaneiro's is one of a kind.  If we franchised of multiplied, we wouldn't be as good :)

who runs japaneiro's?

Jason Molinos (Quino) is our GM

who is your chef?

Chef Victor Luna is our Chef

are you the same people as guru and jupiter?

Yes.  We also created The Ginger Mule and Kilo which are both now closed and are about to open our newest experiment called Poketo.